Portrait Session FAQS

ASAP. Since I can't "hold" dates or "pencil you in" dates are booked when...well, when they're booked. It's easy to wait, but with a minimum amount of slots, you don't want to wait long. To be fair to all potential clients, I cannot hold your date or pencil you in.


P.S. At a minimum, all bookings require a non-refundable deposit. All payments, whether it's the deposit, remaining balance, or payment in full... are submitted in one of two ways.


I do understand that while preparing for such a big occasion, ever so often the time gets away from us. In those cases, I will grace 15 minutes if I do not have another event after yours. Keep in mind that, I'm on the clock for the time frame you booked me for.


Yes, you can pay for additional time. As long as I don't have another obligation after your event. Payment rates are based on per hour. The extended time will need to be paid before we enter the extra time frame.



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