Farian's Graduation Party

Shooting my first Bangledesh Party

I was privileged to be assigned as a photographer, for an Indian Graduation Celebration. This would be the first time photo-documenting their culture. So, of course, I was excited! This new adventure/experience was certain to enlighten, as well as broaden my perspective—perception of a culture that I've always considered to be somewhat mystical. And honestly, I was a bit nervous. Yes, I was nervous. And, it wasn't because I second-guessed my ability to document their event. I've done this a million times. So, the nerves had to come from my lack of know-how. I mean, I somehow felt like this would be way different than anything I've photographed before.

Shortly after I started documenting the event, I quickly found out that the process of how I was accustomed to photographing events was... exactly the same. They made me feel so comfortable. I got into my zone, and the rest is history! They partied! Dancing, shouting, and feasting. Then, there was more dancing, toasting, tons and tons of beautiful group photos, plenty of great laughs, etc. It really was what I was accustomed to.

Now, there were a few things that I noticed, that really stood out to me.

  1. The first was, obviously the food.
  2. The second was... the way the young people were dressed for a senior grad party. In most situations, the kids/young adults would dress down for such an event. i.e. jeans, t-shirts, shorts, etc. That was not the case at this event. Every young adult was dressed, at a minimum... business casual. I thought it was great.
  3. And, the last thing that REALLY stood out was... how misinformed I was in regards to how their women are perceived. I'll just say this and leave it. After observing the interactions with some of the husbands and wives, some of the wives reminded me of my own wife. In other words, they didn't play games. Laugh out loud.


Lastly, I got this connection through a photographer(Hasan). I lease a studio from him. He and I have developed a really good relationship. His sister's son was having a senior graduation party, and Hasan was scheduled to be in New York on the same date as the grad party. So, he entrusted me to document the event. Ilora(sister) called and booked me for the event. YAYY!! Here's what she told me afterward.

Hey Mr. Mapp, thank you so much! I absolutely love your work and the way that you work. I have never seen a photographer follow the person being honored around, the entire event. I love, love, love ALL of the pictures. There are other opportunities for you. We will confirm the dates with you real soon. Thank you, for your wonderful services. Everyone loved you. Heart

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