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This was a great shoot! Terry and Danielle were amazing. The venue was set up extremely elegant and classy. These two were a whole lot of fun. They spent most of their time laughing with one another. I would’ve thought that they just starting dating. Lol.  The decor arrangements were amazing. And, although it was pretty cold outside, that day, these two heated up the camera.

Terry and Danielle, I had an amazing time documenting your session. Thank you so much for allowing my company (Kentyla Arts Designs) to be a part of your agenda. As always, I feel honored as a photographer when given the opportunity to document beautiful history through photography. It was a very elegant shoot, and the location was gorgeous. Terry, you were super-GQ, and Danielle looked absolutely stunning. I hope the day was pleasantly fulfilling for you all. . — Dewwond


[cq_vc_ihover image=”4795″ itemwidth=”300″ thumbtitle=”Beautiful” thumbdesc=”Laughter” effect=”effect4″ images=”2491″ itemheight=”200″]
[cq_vc_ihover image=”4798″ itemwidth=”300″ thumbtitle=”Elegant” thumbdesc=”Beauty” effect=”effect4″ images=”2496″ itemheight=”200″]
[cq_vc_ihover image=”4801″ itemwidth=”300″ thumbtitle=”A Forever” thumbdesc=”Smile” effect=”effect4″ images=”2503″ itemheight=”200″]
[cq_vc_ihover image=”4796″ itemwidth=”300″ thumbtitle=”Power” thumbdesc=”Couple” effect=”effect4″ images=”2493″ itemheight=”200″]
[cq_vc_ihover image=”4799″ itemwidth=”300″ thumbtitle=”A Supportive” thumbdesc=”Friendship” effect=”effect4″ images=”2495″ itemheight=”200″]
[cq_vc_ihover image=”4802″ itemwidth=”300″ thumbtitle=”Mr.” thumbdesc=”Lusby Jr.” effect=”effect4″ images=”2504″ itemheight=”200″]
[cq_vc_ihover image=”4797″ itemwidth=”300″ thumbtitle=”Sophistication” thumbdesc=”At its finest” effect=”effect4″ images=”2492″ itemheight=”200″]
[cq_vc_ihover image=”4800″ itemwidth=”300″ thumbtitle=”Classy” thumbdesc=”Lifestyle” effect=”effect4″ images=”2505″ itemheight=”200″]
[cq_vc_ihover image=”4807″ itemwidth=”300″ thumbtitle=”A Crystal” thumbdesc=”Stare” effect=”effect4″ images=”2494″ itemheight=”200″]
[cq_vc_ihover image=”4805″ itemwidth=”300″ thumbtitle=”Lady” thumbdesc=”Lusby” effect=”effect4″ images=”2491″ itemheight=”200″]
[cq_vc_ihover image=”4811″ itemwidth=”300″ thumbtitle=”A Gentleman’s” thumbdesc=”Stare” effect=”effect4″ images=”2496″ itemheight=”200″]
[cq_vc_ihover image=”4808″ itemwidth=”300″ thumbtitle=”It’s” thumbdesc=”Clear” effect=”effect4″ images=”2503″ itemheight=”200″]
[cq_vc_ihover image=”4806″ itemwidth=”300″ thumbtitle=”Dynamic” thumbdesc=”Duo” effect=”effect4″ images=”2493″ itemheight=”200″]
[cq_vc_ihover image=”4809″ itemwidth=”300″ thumbtitle=”Playing In The” thumbdesc=”Key of Love” effect=”effect4″ images=”2495″ itemheight=”200″]
[cq_vc_ihover image=”4812″ itemwidth=”300″ thumbtitle=”Blessed” thumbdesc=”and Highly Favored” effect=”effect4″ images=”2504″ itemheight=”200″]
[cq_vc_ihover image=”4804″ itemwidth=”300″ thumbtitle=”Boss” thumbdesc=”Lady” effect=”effect4″ images=”2492″ itemheight=”200″]
[cq_vc_ihover image=”4810″ itemwidth=”300″ thumbtitle=”His” thumbdesc=”Goddess!” effect=”effect4″ images=”2505″ itemheight=”200″]
The Creative Locations for photoshoot
KAD Studios

Kentyla Arts Designs has several studio locations to choose from.

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